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Early Adopter Membership

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CMP "Early Adopter Membership" Special Offer!!

The following package deal will be offered on a limited basis until March 31, 2017, and it will be the primary offering through which The Convergence Music Project is officially launched. The purposes of this Early Adopters Membership are:

In many respects this Early Adopter Membership is taking the place of a crowdsourcing campaign.  We're looking for individuals and congregations who are so enthusiastic about CMP's vision for a new source of theologically curated worship music that you'll want to help us fully launch this company by becoming our very first customers and members.  We'll need to test and fine tune many of our operating assumptions, and we're looking for folks who will enjoy being a part of this initial launch phase with us.

Here’s What We’re Offering!

The Price: $149.00!

This is a fantastic value for 20 songs in Mp3, lead sheet, and piano arrangement format, a license to use these songs as often as you like for one year, PLUS all of the added features described above.  And most importantly, this offer brings you onto the ground floor of our launch where you will have extensive opportunities to communicate with our core leadership and help us adjust and impact the development of our website and our music.

And even more: This $149.00 can be used as down payment on the CMP Annual Subscription Service!  We anticipate this Annual Subscription Membership starting on April 1, 2017, and our early adopters will help establish the price and features of this annual subscription service. 

Every movement needs a soundtrack. CMP is committed to creating, finding, collecting, and promoting music that will help communities “sing their faith” with passion, integrity, and joy--music that will inspire and sustain us as we work to help make the world more loving, generous, just, and sustainable. Become an Early Adopter Member and help us bring this profoundly beautiful and desperately needed source of new music into being!