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Every movement needs new songs to sing. Convergence Music Project is a collaboration of musicians, artists, congregational leaders and denominations to curate and distribute beautiful congregational music with life-giving, progressive theology. We believe Jesus' life models love, grace and hope to everyone - absolutely everyone - and we want to sing songs that are true to our experience of this just and generous God.



The Convergence Music Project (CMP)

Welcome to the Convergence Music Project!  We’re delighted you’ve found your way to this site, and eager to help you understand what this new company is about and what we have to offer you!  Please view the Convergence Music Project video below to learn more about CMP and what we have to offer you.

Some Exciting Changes (6/23/17)!  This entire site is about to be transferred to a new platform.  We're hoping this will happen within the next week, and once this new site is live you'll notice the following changes and additions;

1.  You'll be able to sample (listen to) the entire song and not just a clip:  Quite a few people have given us the feedback that it's often hard to get a feel for a song with just a 55 second clip.  So the new site will enable you to hear the entire song before you decide whether or not to purchase the download.

2.  Early Adopter Membership:  Those who are already Early Adopter Members will have their full membership extended at no extra charge through August 1, 2018.  To make membership easier to understand and the best possible value, Early Adopter Members are able to download any song or related product on the CMP site.  In other words, buy a membership for $149 and everything on the site is yours!!  Early Adopter Membership is still available, so don't miss out on this amazing value.

3.  Special Camp Song Leaders Membership:  (This offer will expire August 15, 2017) If you are a Church Camp director you can purchase a special membership to give you access to our new camp songs.  We've uploaded a bunch of new songs that were written to go along with Chalice Press's "Branching Out" 2017 summer camp curriculum.  For $75 you not only get access to all of these camp songs, but you'll be considered a full Early Adopter Member and have access to the entire site for a year.  Details will be on the new site.

4.  Registration for Upcoming CMP Live Events for Songwriters:  Songwriters--we're sponsoring 2 working retreats for songwriters.  We're hoping that new songs for the CMP site will actually be created at these events.  The first will be in Iowa from August 14-16, 2017 and will be led by Richard Bruxvoort Colligan.  The second will take place in Nashville, TN from Nov. 16-18, 2017 and will be co-sponsored by CMP and Ken Medema's Interlude.  Leaders for this event include Ken Medema, Andra Moran, Christopher Grundy, Bryan Johnson, Bryan Sirchio, and Richard Bruxvoort Colligan.  You'll find more information and registration pages for these events on the new site.

5.  More New Songs!  We've got a bunch of great new songs that will be available once this new site is live, so be sure to check back in a week or so!!  If you are already an Early Adopter, these songs will be yours to download at no charge!  If you are not a member, you'll always be able to buy downloads "a la carte" at the "General" prices.

Thanks so much for visiting the site.  As always, please be in touch if you have any questions or suggestions!!

Let's sing a new world into being!!!




Featured Artist of the Month

Mark Miller

Featured Music

Deliver Us
--By: Richard Bruxvoort Colligan


Together In This
--By: David Lunsford


Surrounded By Love
--By: Mark Miller


Break Our Hearts Again
--By: Paul Demer